About Our Company

Bailey's Marine Service LTD. brings nearly 30years of experience to your job site. Whether your project requires divers or expertise in bridge work, wharf construction and repair, pipeline installation, municipal or industrial water intakes and outfalls, vessel inspection or maintenance, underwater survey or general inspection we have you covered. We also have a fleet of hazmat dive suits to enable our divers to safely work in contaminated environments, whether its work on a live sewer system or around chemical contamination.

All divers employed by Bailey's Marine Service LTD are certified by the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC ). Our divers are highly trained in a variety of fields including visual inspection, non destructive testing, video, photography , welding, cutting, salvage, rigging, and hazmat diving to name a few.

Bailey's Marine Service LTD has just added the new Deep Trekker DTX2 ROV to our ROV line up. The DTX2 is a big brother to our smaller Deep Trekker DTG2. The DTX2 ROV is capable of working at depths down to 1000' / 300m. Is equipped with a 2 function grabber, HD video, LED lights and can easily be fitted with sonar. These portable ROV units can be deployed within a few minutes of arriving at your your job site. No need for bulky, noisy gas or diesel powered generators as the DTX2 comes equipped with on board Lithium Ion batteries good for 3 - 6 hours work on a single charge.

We love what we do and take pride in our service. We aim to provide you the very best service available.

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Our Services

Welding and Cutting

Underwater welding services include dry weld permanent repair, wet weld temporary with safety being our top priority with client satisfaction unmatched by anyone else.

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Underwater Surveys

We are fully equipped to carry out all types of underwater inspections using our highly technical diver team, ROV services and underwater photography cameras.

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Ultrasonic Inspections

To maximize the life expectancy and to ensure environmental standards are achieved, we can measure the ultrasonic thickness of your underwater infrastructure.

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Bailey's Marine is always available to deal with various issues that might unexpectedly occur during a voyage. Vessels never take a day off. Neither does Bailey's Marine.

– Lou Schoen, President
   Twin Lights Shipping, LLC

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