ROV Services

We have 2 ROV units available to meet your needs. Utilizing the latest in ROV technology, both the Deep Trekker DTX2 and its little brother DTG2 come with color HD camera, LED lights, depth, heading, water temperature and 2 function grabber as standard features.

The DTX2 is equipped with 4 vectored thrusters and is capable of operating at depths to 1000' while the DTG2 is has 2 thrusters , is rated to 400' and is also equipped with the same standard features as its big brother.

The smaller DTG2 is ideal for shallow water inspection work as well as in confined space where it may not be safe or possible for a diver to enter such as potable water tanks and pipelines.
The more robust DTX2 is better suited for deeper open water work such as surveys, inspections or recovery of lost objects in areas where stronger currents may be encountered. The DTX2 is also suited to assist in search and recovery of drowning victims. This ROV can also easily be fitted with a Tritech Micron Sonar device should your project require the use of sonar.

These ROV units are fully portable and can be deployed within minutes of arriving at your worksite.