Salvage Recovery

We have approximately 50 tons of lift available, a selection of lift bags from 500lb – 12000 lb. these include large 6 ton open bottom bags for heavy deep water lifts or 2ton salvage pontoons for work in shallow water.
  • Sunken Boats
  • Lost Vehicles and Equipment
  • Underwater Pipelines
  • Anchors, etc.

On the morning September 22, Bailey's Marine Service received a call from Harmon Marine, owners of the 108' long 160 ton tug "Omni St. Laurent" unfortunately the tug had sunk at its berth at Port of Stephenville. We immediately dispatched a team to the site to take steps to contain any fuel and oil which might be leaking from the vessel. Divers were sent into the water to locate and plug any oil leaks visible. Once all oil leaks were stopped the task of devising a plan to raise the vessel began. The lift would require the services of 2 heavy lift cranes, however due to the dock not having a load analysis for the area it was deemed unsafe to place the necessary cranes on the dock so the crane idea was out.

It was decided to consult with Craig and Dwight Eddy of Eddy's towing of Stephenville for lifting advice. The Eddy boys went to work coming up with a rigging plan in conjunction with what Bailey's Marine Service could contribute with underwater lift bags and with pumping the water out of the vessel. Sean Boyd of Boyd and Bungay Construction supplied a large dump truck
loaded down with sand as a makeshift anchor of 57tons due to the vessel leaning over on her Port side, the first task was to add air bags and tow cables to
upright the vessel.

Once the vessel was upright , the dive team went to work installing pump hoses in her engine room and other sealed compartments. 2- 6" pumps and 1 -8" pump were brought in to assist with pumping the water out of the vessel. It was necessary to have barge services for this portion of the work so we enlisted the help of Tripp Marine Service of Corner Brook, Pynne Tripp, his barge and his crew. It took a few days for the prep work to be completed. Around 4pm on September 30 we were ready to hit the pumps. After several hours of pumping and winching we began to see movement ! At 3am the vessel was afloat without assistance.

Many thanks to all involved in this work. Crew of Bailey's Marine Service LTD, Eddys Towing Service, Boyd and Bungay Construction, Tripp Marine, Port of Stephenville, Canada Coast Guard Environmental Response Team, Harmon Marine, Pardy's Waste Management. Poseidon Marine Consultants , on the spot welding, as well as Tony Odriscoll of Sea Force Diving and his dive team for their assistance in removing fuel and oils from the vessel once she was afloat.

Special thanks to Paulette Bailey for keeping us well fed.(perks to working in your hometown)

Omni St. Laurent Recovery

I find Dean and his team to be very professional and willing to go the extra mile. I am a Marine Surveyor and represent 5 of the Major Marine Insurance Companies in Canada. My clients are the insurance companies and their clients are the insured. A quick and safe resolution to a marine loss is the goal. Baily's Marine can make that happen. I have no reservation in endorsing Dean and his team.

– Stuart McLea, Captain SAMS/AMS
   Principal Surveyor MRM Solutions (Atlantic Operations)